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Join our growing network of partners around Europe and Africa to enhance in person collections. Set up your hotspot in a few easy steps

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Built for small and medium size businesses

316 Pay solutions helps your business to grow your client base, your revenue and your reach whilst benefitting from competitive rates, a wide range of payment options and high security.

Scale your business by allowing domestic and international customers to complete payments quickly via their preferred payment method.

Seamless Onboarding

Our setup process makes it easy for businesses to integrate online payments without any technical complexities.

24/7 Expert Support

Businesses can rely on our dedicated support 24/7 to address any issues they may encounter.

Quick Settlement

Access your business funds when you need them most. Improve your cashflow with our quick settlement process.

Robust Security and Compliance

Limit the risk of fraud and chargebacks. Our platform employs industry leading compliance standards such as PCI DSS

Growth & Opportunities

Our cutting-edge solutions provide the tools and support you need to drive business expansion, tap into new markets, and unlock your full potential. Empower your journey towards success, seize every opportunity, and achieve remarkable growth with 316 Pay by your side.

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Accelerate business growth and attract more customers

Our innovative marketing tools empower businesses to effectively target and entice potential customers. Leverage our powerful solutions to expand your reach, build meaningful relationships, and drive impressive customer acquisition for lasting success.

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Control your business finances with our flexible e-wallet

Our versatile 316 e-wallet offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly store, transact, and personalize your funds according to your unique financial goals and preferences. Experience the freedom and convenience of our flexible e-wallet.

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How to Accept In-person Payments & Collections

Making and receiving in-person payments is easy with 316 Pay QR code. Embrace the convenience of contactless payments and streamline your in-person transactions with our seamless QR code solution.

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Step 1

Generate a QR Code

Step 2

Present the QR Code

Step 3

Securely Complete the Transaction